Do you need:

  • A senior WordPress developer with 19+ years in the industry?
  • A professional, honest and good-value freelance website developer to work on your project?
  • Someone who will tell you as it is, in plain English?
  • A digital engineer that has a wealth of experience working with bloggers and small businesses across the country (and beyond), fixing bugs, recovering websites from hack attacks, or someone just to lend a hand editing your website or content?

Great! You’ve found me!

Do you Need a Freelance Website Developer Right Now?

Greetings, I’m David Fiske, the PHP and WordPress freelance website developer extraordinaire. I’ve been on the front lines since 2004, battling code bugs, rescuing hacked websites, and crafting custom websites, themes, and plugins from the ground up. Think of it as a developer’s version of a superhero origin story.

You need it done, I’ve got the skills to do it.

Freelance WordPress Website Developer

Are you tired of wrestling with complex WordPress themes and plugins? Do you wish there was an easier – and faster – way to develop and manage your website or blog?

Look no further! I can turn any vision into reality. With my expert skills, I can help potential customers set up their websites in minutes. No more endless hours trying to figure out things on your own. Forget about the technical jargon too – I understand it all so you don’t have to!

Freelance Website Developer

Not all websites suit WordPress, and vice versa. Bespoke PHP websites and scripts are ideal for specialist applications. I’ve built standalone websites that piggyback external API sources, parse XML data feeds, collect analytics data, generate custom reports, collect customer subscription details, and more.

I’ve also worked with other CMS tools (including Joomla and Drupal) and rapid frameworking solutions (including Bootstrap and CodeIgniter).

Besides website development, I offer freelance SEO copywriting and content management services. I am an affiliate marketer, and understand the importance of engaging, user-centric, keyword-targetted content.

I regularly produce SEO-ready content for food and travel websites. My work has appeared in print in several influential travel magazines, too.

Freelance Content Manager

I’m a data nut. My analytical nature lends itself perfectly to scouring Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Microsoft Clarity and other specialist tools to find out what is and isn’t working for clients. I can also identify content with untapped potential.

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the woods from the trees. Let me help you identify growth areas on your website so you can grow your audience, expand your customer base, boost your email subscription list, and more.

Freelance SEO & Google Analytics Specialist

Why Choose Me?

My clients sing my praises for my boundless can-do attitude, honesty and my expertise that comes from years of experience, but what they love most is my stealthy service. I’m like their secret agent in their toolbox. I slip in, get the job done, and slip out without a trace. No hard sells, no upselling, and no branding slapped on websites. Just friendly, affordable service at your beck and call whenever you need me.

When I’m not saving the world one website at a time, I can be found exploring the streets of Cardiff and South Wales, seeking out new adventures, and taking on the world with my trusty sidekick (my son). I also indulge in my guilty pleasures like swimming, reading, globe-trotting (particularly on cruise ships) and savouring fancy chocolate like a true connoisseur.

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