Do you need:

  • A senior PHP developer with 19+ years in the industry?
  • A professional, honest and good-value freelance developer to work on your project?
  • A no-nonsense freelance developer who will tell you as it is, in plain English?
  • Somebody to help update your website so it’s compatible with the latest versions of PHP
  • An experienced coder to fix bugs or to add or remove features?

Great! I’m your man.

David Fiske: Ninja PHP Developer

Do you ever feel like technology is the bane of your existence? You know you need to have a website for your business, but it seems like a project that’s just too big and daunting.

When WordPress isn’t the right fit for you, it’s time to look at bespoke options. When it comes to PHP, the sky is the limit.

What can I build for you as an experienced PHP Developer?

Using the latest PHP technologies, I can create digital solutions for any need. Your imagination is the only limiting factors.

As an experienced PHP developer, I can build solutions from scratch, to suit a wide range of purposes. Examples I’ve built include parsing XML datafeeds to create a digital catalogue, communicating with third-party API’s to retrieve and process data, create booking engines, manipulate images, collect leads, and more.

I’ve worked on Drupal and Joomla websites, and have developed some websites on the CodeIgniter framework. I’ve also used the Bootstrap framework on certain projects too.

Getting ‘Outdated PHP’ Errors?

Are you stuck using dated PHP technologies that drag your website down into the dark ages?

PHP Developer

PHP technologies are moving along in leaps and bounds, but some websites are forced to remain stuck in the past using antiquated code, missing out the on the security and performance benefits of the newer server software.

For some websites, it’s an easy migration to the latest version of PHP, but for others, the mere thought of an upgrade risks crashing the website.

But time is ticking. More and more hosts are moving away from insecure versions of PHP, and sooner or later you’ll need to modernise your website.

I can help you with a website consultation or get in touch to discuss the practical steps of dragging your website into this decade.