Do you need:

  • An experienced WordPress developer with 19+ years in the industry?
  • A professional, honest and good-value freelance developer that can fix that thing that doesn’t work, or move that image that cannot be moved?
  • A no-nonsense freelance developer who can bolt on a WooCommerce shop to your WordPress website?
  • Somebody to wrestle back control of your WordPress website?

Woohoo! You’ve found me.

David Fiske: Your Friendly, Experienced WordPress Developer

Are you fed up with trying to create the perfect website for your business, only to be stumped by WordPress technicalities? The struggle is real.

Fear not as I have a solution that’s sure to help set you in the right direction: a skilled, experienced freelance WordPress Developer (me!). That’s right, my coding wizardry skills can craft intuitive and attractive websites that fit perfectly with your budget, brand, products and services.

WordPress Management

Fed up or baffled by WordPress core, plugin and theme updates?

Save your sanity by offloading the updates to me. Contact me to discuss your options.


Updating the WordPress core (the main WordPress software) is a daunting task. Yet it’s a vital task that helps keep your website up-to-date, secure and functional.

If you need a helping hand, contact me.


If you’re using WordPress to manage your website, you don’t need me telling you that things can get messy pretty quickly. Plugins are great because they do exactly what seem to be impossible on WordPress, but keeping them up-to-date just adds more time in your already super-busy day.

Having to update WordPress plugins can be a real drag. We’ve all been there – trying to focus on what matters and yet those dreaded plugin updates keep popping up! Whether you’re an experienced web designer, an e-commerce store owner or just getting started with your first site, managing plugin updates is both essential and annoying.

Not only that, but how many of your plugins are actually needed? How many duplicate the function of each other, and how many are slowing down your website, affecting your search engine rankings?

If you have plugin confusion, get in touch.


Are you frustrated and confused by WordPress themes? Does having to start from scratch feel overwhelming? Do you want a solution that’s easy, quick, and adaptable to your needs?

I can help you configure an existing theme, can enhance its functionality, or can help swap it out for something new and fresh. I’ve built themes from scratch, and built child themes around page builder frameworks such as Elementor.

Whatever you need, contact me.

WooCommerce Integrations

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, but is also possibly one of the most difficult and intimidating to initially configure. Like WordPress, there’s an infinite number of add-ons you can bolt onto WooCommerce to make it do all sorts of cool things.

Woocommerce Dashboard

It sounds like a massive headache though, doesn’t it? Fear not, as I can take the hassle out of going digital, and can help you quickly and efficiently launch your ecommerce shop online.

I can configure it so that it works most comfortably for you, while making the shopping experience for customers as slick as possible.

Get in touch with your e-commerce dreams and ideas. Whether you want to sell products, digital services, subscriptions or memberships on your very own website, I can help.

Custom WordPress Theme & WordPress Plugin Development

Do you wish your WordPress website would look a certain way, or do something pretty unique to your business? I’ve authored plenty of plugins to handle datafeeds, APIs, EST API connections, centralised affiliate link management, custom data analytics, booking engines, and customer relationship managers (CRM), to name but a few.

What about your theme? Are you using a stock theme? Give your business the edge and commission a bespoke WordPress template. Designed for your business, a completely custom WordPress theme can elevate your proposition enormously. On a budget? I can create child themes to work with the Gutenberg block editor or a custom theme to work with leading page builders such as Elementor.

I’m a PHP web developer with extensive experience and can help with your WordPress themes and plugins projects. If you’re looking for something tailored exactly to your website, give me a shout.

WordPress Migrations

Stressed out because migrating your WordPress site seems like a complicated nightmare? Or perhaps you’re fretting about migrating from another Content Management System (CMS) to WordPress?

No need to worry! I am here to help you move to a fresh, stress-free experience.

Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry! I’ll hold your hand along the way.

Let me know your plans and I’ll let you know how I can help.